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Technical Support

Our computer support services include hardware and software repairs, computer security solutions, wired and wireless networking installation and configuration, virus, spyware and malware prevention and removal, data backup and recovery solutions and just about anything else you need help with. Additionally, if you feel it is time to replace or upgrade any of your computer systems, we can provide advice and purchasing or custom building of systems tailored to meet your needs at an affordable price.

If you are thinking about updating your computer, whether it is a single PC for the Loungeroom or an entire office upgrade we offer advice and purchasing support that will provide you the best option to fulfil your requirements.

Already have something in mind? Get us to provide hassle free installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance of your systems. Let us do what we do best so you have the time to do what you want.

Some of the things we can do for you include:
  • We can explain the 'Cloud' and configure a wide range of online services to provide you greater access to the Web.
  • Easy to understand Computer training and tutoring for individuals and groups of all sizes and skill levels.
  • Advice on the best Hardware options including Printers, Desktop Computers, Networking Devices, Servers Systems and Professional Workstations.
  • Hardware upgrades that ensure your devices work for you and cost you less
  • Operating system installations and configuration. Disappointed by Windows 10? We specialise in Cost-Effective software that respects your Privacy for personal and enterprise systems.
  • We can revitalise old or slow computers with our Computer Tune-Up and Performance Optimisation Services.
  • Software installation and configuration. We can set your entire system up from scratch and configure it for you. Have hundreds of computers that need to be set-up? We would love to help.
  • If your computer wont Startup or of you are experiencing the Blue Screens, Forgotten Passwords, Crashing or Sudden Lock-Ups we can help get things running smoothly again. Contact us and we will come to you

For a free confidential, no-obligation conversation to discuss your needs please contact us.

Virus Removal & Protection

If you are experiencing unexplained issues or performance issues while using your computer or mobile devices or a sudden increase in data usage on your internet connection you may have be the victim of a Computer Virus, Trojan or Malware.

Left unchecked, this could be reading your personal data, capturing your passwords or controlling your computer in the background for illegal activities. We are very skilled at not only detecting any kind of malicious intrusion or infection on your devices and removing them, we can provide ongoing protection and offer preventative training to individuals or groups of any size.

Whats the difference between Malware, Spyware, Virus and Trojans

Malware is a general name given to any type of software or computer code that may cause damage or harm to a computer. Spyware, Virus and Trojans are all examples of Malware.

Spyware is a piece of software that aims to steal your personal data and send it to the a third party. This data can include passwords, credit card numbers or other sensitive information that is often sold on the black market. Spyware can exist as a result of a Virus Infection, Software Installation, Visiting a Website and clicking a popup. These types of Malware usually hide themselves as legitimate programs or hide from view all together.

Virus infections consist of code or programs written to cause damage or harm to your files or hardware or gain control over your computer and devices. Some virus infections can control connected microphones, webcams, security cameras and other peripherals and allow third parties to capture personal and private data. Other viruses can cause damage to files, delete crucial system information or corrupt personal photo's and documents. Quite often a Virus can ake it's way onto your computer without you doing anything at all.

Trojans, like the Ancient Greek horse of legend are used to smuggle software or code onto your computer and often create a hidden 'back door' which will allow access to your computer to anyone with the key. This key is quite often made available relatively cheaply on the black market. Trojans can implant viruses or spyware on your computer or in extreme cases, allow the virus maker to watch every action you are doing.

Some clue's your computer may have been attacked are :
  • The computer is running really slow
  • You are getting pop up messages that look suspicious
  • You get strange messages telling you that you have a virus or your computer needs a tune-up
  • Your programs keep crashing or are regularly unresponsive
  • Your internet browser keep redirecting you to sites that you didn't intend or your Home Page suddenly changes.
  • Your Anti-Virus Software has been disabled

For a free confidential, no-obligation conversation to discuss your concern's please contact us.

Data Backups & Recovery

Lost or accidentally deleted your precious photo's? We provide effective data recovery and restoration for all data formats on a variety of media, including;

  • Digital Photo Recovery
  • Email Recovery
  • SD/MicroSD Cards, Compact Flash and other removable storage media
  • All forms of Hard Drives including SSD and SAS drives
  • RAID arrays and NAS devices
  • Mobile Phones and Tablet Devices
  • Laptops, Desktop and Servers

If we cant get your data back we wont change you.

If you have experienced any of the following, we can help
  • Computer won't boot
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Applications that are unable to run or load data
  • Files damaged by a Virus or Malware
  • Hard drive continually crashes or computer reboots often
  • Corrupt files and data
  • Forgotten Passwords or Data Lockout
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions
  • Inaccessible drives and partitions
  • Dropped or damaged Hard Drive
  • Power Surge
What should I do if my Device has stopped working?

It is very important to stop using a faulty device or hard disk immediately to prevent further damage or data loss from happening. The better condition your hard drive is when we analyse it, the more chance we to recover your data and at a lower cost to you.

Turn your device off and contact us ASAP. Do not let anybody attempt to fix it for you as it is very easy at this point to cause un-repairable damage to the data and to the device. Data Recovery is a methodical approach that requires experience, care and precision to avoid doing anything that could cause permanent data loss.

What is the first step in recovering my data?

Stop using the device and contact us immediately. We can advise you on steps to avoid losing any more data. Once we receive a device, our technicians use specialist equipment to take an accurate image of the device. Once we have the raw data, we can begin the process of examining the data and rebuilding the information that was lost.

I’m worried about privacy, can I trust you?

We are formally trained in Information and Data Security and as such take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Every member of our Recovery Team has undergone Federal Background Checks and has an impeccable record of discretion and Honesty. Our only goal is to help get your files back. While a large portion of our clients are seeking the recovery of lost family photos, travel photo's or other precious memories we often deal with data of a personal nature as well as business data and documentation, business emails and correspondence, databases, financial records and accounting data.

We guarantee that your files will remain 100% private and confidential at all times.

Private and Secure Cloud Services

Our technicians are specialists in ensuring your data is stored privately and securely so that it remains within your control at all times. Using local hardware, cloud storage or a combination of both, your data can be available to you, your business or your customers 365 days a year from any location across the globe on any device.

Computer and Mobile Device Backup and Data Protection

To ensure that you never lose data again, we can provide advice and support setting up online or offline backup solutions so your important data, media or memories are securely protected from disaster.

Whether you are concerned about losing/damaging your mobile devices or your precious memories stored on your home computer, we can ensure that all your data is safe and secure in the advent of disaster.

Secure Media Wiping

Finally, when you’re planning on selling your computer we can securely erase the hard drive to make sure the old data can Never be recovered. When we use our specialist Hardware and Software to erase files, hard drives or Mobile devices, all traces of the data are permanently removed.

For a free confidential, no-obligation conversation to discuss your needs please contact us.

Network Design and Maintenance

Not able to connect to the Internet or your wireless network? Our technicians have the expertise and experience to solve your problem and provide you with information to stop it happening again

Whether you only have a few connected computers or an entire infrastructure spread over many locations, our technicians are professionally trained in Network Engineering and Security and can provide the best options for your network connectivity. No job is too big or too small.

We specialise in :
  • General Wired and Wireless network troubleshooting
  • Internet connection difficulties
  • Online Privacy and VPN Solutions
  • Wired and Wireless network installation
  • Home and Small Business network support
  • Network Performance Tuning and Security Auditing
  • Security and Firewall configuration

For a free confidential, no-obligation conversation to discuss your needs please contact us.

IT Skills Training & Tutoring

We won’t overload you with overly complicated technical jargon, we deliver the information you need in a clear and friendly way. By listening to your needs we can provide tailored training lessons to suit you and your team.

Whether it’s learning how to share photos and files with your friends and family, setting up and understanding email, organising your files and folders, learning how to backup data, getting your head around social media or any other training you might need we can provide the answer. Privata can help you get more from you PC and the Internet.

We can help you understand
  • We can show you how to stay clear of malicious software, understand the Internet, troubleshoot your computer, configure your network or remain anonymous while online
  • Learn basic web development or programming skills. You might end up designing the next Facebook.
  • One-on-One Training and Tutoring to people of all ages and experience levels, from student to senior
  • On-Site IT training and staff development for businesses of all sizes. We can teach your staff best practices to keep your IT Infrastructure secure and avoid downtime or malicious attack

All our team members have multiple tertiary qualifications and years of experience in the Information Technology field as Support Technicians bridging the gap between complex technologies and users.

For a free confidential, no-obligation conversation to discuss your needs please contact us.

Software & Website Development

Our software engineers can help develop custom solutions for individuals and businesses. We can help solve your problem whether you need a simple database designed and implemented, feature-rich Web Site, custom business application or simple calculator.

Small business in need of a website? Want a great looking blog? We can design a custom site for you, host it and provide a complete back-end solution so you can update your site whenever you need it.

If you are unsure of your options or are looking to expand we provide advice, configuration, support and hosting for any service you or your business requires. Whether you need to host a personal web site or blog, create your own private Dropbox in the cloud, provide secure team communication globally, develop an online shop or run a Minecraft server, we would love to help you.

We love to write code. Let us help you with the following
  • Online Portfolios and Resumes
  • New Product Landing Pages
  • Business Websites, Online Product Catalogues
  • Online Shopping Websites and E-Commerce
  • Fully Responsive design for Mobile devices
  • Frontend Site Design and Backend Development
  • Self Hosted Cloud Services to replace Dropbox, Instagram and Office365
  • Enterprise and Business application development
  • PHP, Java SE, Java EE, ASP.Net, NodeJS, JQuery, Python, HTML5+CSS

For a free confidential, no-obligation conversation to discuss your needs please contact us.

Support Options


Our On-Site Technicians will come to you to resolve your computer issues. We have an experienced team capable of resolving any issue your home or office may have. With years of experience in On-Site and In-Home computer repair and service, you can feel confident in knowing that whatever you need help with, we can get the job done.

Our Workshop

At Privata we have a latest diagnostic and repair equipment to handle any complicated repairs be it software, hardware or embedded level related problems. In addition, by using our Complimentary Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service you never have to worry about a thing.

To ensure there are no surprises, no work will begin until you fully understand what is going to be done, why we are doing and how much it will cost you. We keep you informed at every level of the process and provide up-to-date reports on our progress.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

We can also provide a Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service where we collect the devices from your premises, perform the repairs in our workshop and return it to you as soon as the job is completed. This is a complementary service that we offer to all our customers.

Which Should I Choose

Having a dilemma, which service to choose. On-Site repairs are good when repairs can be done within 1 hour, problems such as virus, OS and internet and network setup's are best candidates for onsite repairs.

Workshop repairs using our Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service are highly economical for all repairs except Networking and Internet setup. All Website design and Software Development also takes place in our workshop.

For a free confidential, no-obligation conversation to discuss which option is best for your situation, please contact us.

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